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A client application to interact with clickhouse-keeper by its native protocol.


  • -q QUERY, --query=QUERY — Query to execute. If this parameter is not passed, clickhouse-keeper-client will start in interactive mode.
  • -h HOST, --host=HOST — Server host. Default value: localhost.
  • -p N, --port=N — Server port. Default value: 9181
  • -c FILE_PATH, --config-file=FILE_PATH — Set path of config file to get the connection string. Default value: config.xml.
  • --connection-timeout=TIMEOUT — Set connection timeout in seconds. Default value: 10s.
  • --session-timeout=TIMEOUT — Set session timeout in seconds. Default value: 10s.
  • --operation-timeout=TIMEOUT — Set operation timeout in seconds. Default value: 10s.
  • --history-file=FILE_PATH — Set path of history file. Default value: ~/.keeper-client-history.
  • --log-level=LEVEL — Set log level. Default value: information.
  • --no-confirmation — If set, will not require a confirmation on several commands. Default value false for interactive and true for query
  • --help — Shows the help message.


./clickhouse-keeper-client -h localhost -p 9181 --connection-timeout 30 --session-timeout 30 --operation-timeout 30
Connected to ZooKeeper at [::1]:9181 with session_id 137
/ :) ls
keeper foo bar
/ :) cd keeper
/keeper :) ls
/keeper :) cd api_version
/keeper/api_version :) ls

/keeper/api_version :) cd xyz
Path /keeper/api_version/xyz does not exist
/keeper/api_version :) cd ../../
/ :) ls
keeper foo bar
/ :) get keeper/api_version


  • ls [path] -- Lists the nodes for the given path (default: cwd)
  • cd [path] -- Changes the working path (default .)
  • exists <path> -- Returns 1 if node exists, 0 otherwise
  • set <path> <value> [version] -- Updates the node's value. Only updates if version matches (default: -1)
  • create <path> <value> [mode] -- Creates new node with the set value
  • touch <path> -- Creates new node with an empty string as value. Doesn't throw an exception if the node already exists
  • get <path> -- Returns the node's value
  • rm <path> [version] -- Removes the node only if version matches (default: -1)
  • rmr <path> -- Recursively deletes path. Confirmation required
  • flwc <command> -- Executes four-letter-word command
  • help -- Prints this message
  • get_direct_children_number [path] -- Get numbers of direct children nodes under a specific path
  • get_all_children_number [path] -- Get all numbers of children nodes under a specific path
  • get_stat [path] -- Returns the node's stat (default .)
  • find_super_nodes <threshold> [path] -- Finds nodes with number of children larger than some threshold for the given path (default .)
  • delete_stale_backups -- Deletes ClickHouse nodes used for backups that are now inactive
  • find_big_family [path] [n] -- Returns the top n nodes with the biggest family in the subtree (default path = . and n = 10)
  • sync <path> -- Synchronizes node between processes and leader
  • reconfig <add|remove|set> "<arg>" [version] -- Reconfigure Keeper cluster. See