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Information about Refreshable Materialized Views. Contains all refreshable materialized views, regardless of whether there's a refresh in progress or not.


  • database (String) — The name of the database the table is in.
  • view (String) — Table name.
  • status (String) — Current state of the refresh.
  • last_refresh_result (String) — Outcome of the latest refresh attempt.
  • last_refresh_time (DateTime) — Time of the last refresh attempt. NULL if no refresh attempts happened since server startup or table creation.
  • last_success_time (DateTime) — Time of the last successful refresh. NULL if no successful refreshes happened since server startup or table creation.
  • duration_ms (UInt64) — How long the last refresh attempt took.
  • next_refresh_time (DateTime) — Time at which the next refresh is scheduled to start.
  • remaining_dependencies (Array(String)) — If the view has refresh dependencies, this array contains the subset of those dependencies that are not satisfied for the current refresh yet. If status = 'WaitingForDependencies', a refresh is ready to start as soon as these dependencies are fulfilled.
  • exception (String) — if last_refresh_result = 'Exception', i.e. the last refresh attempt failed, this column contains the corresponding error message and stack trace.
  • refresh_count (UInt64) — Number of successful refreshes since last server restart or table creation.
  • progress (Float64) — Progress of the current refresh, between 0 and 1.
  • read_rows (UInt64) — Number of rows read by the current refresh so far.
  • total_rows (UInt64) — Estimated total number of rows that need to be read by the current refresh.

(There are additional columns related to current refresh progress, but they are currently unreliable.)


FROM system.view_refreshes

default │ hello_documentation_reader │ Scheduled │ Finished │ 2023-12-01 01:24:002023-12-01 01:25:00