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Describes the content of the settings profile:

  • Сonstraints.
  • Roles and users that the setting applies to.
  • Parent settings profiles.


  • profile_name (Nullable(String)) — Setting profile name.

  • user_name (Nullable(String)) — User name.

  • role_name (Nullable(String)) — Role name.

  • index (UInt64) — Sequential number of the settings profile element.

  • setting_name (Nullable(String)) — Setting name.

  • value (Nullable(String)) — Setting value.

  • min (Nullable(String)) — The minimum value of the setting. NULL if not set.

  • max (Nullable(String)) — The maximum value of the setting. NULL if not set.

  • writability (Nullable(Enum8('WRITABLE' = 0, 'CONST' = 1, 'CHANGEABLE_IN_READONLY' = 2))) — Sets the settings constraint writability kind.

  • inherit_profile (Nullable(String)) — A parent profile for this setting profile. NULL if not set. Setting profile will inherit all the settings' values and constraints (min, max, readonly) from its parent profiles.