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Contains information about setting changes in previous ClickHouse versions.


  • version (String) — The ClickHouse version in which settings were changed
  • changes (Array of Tuple) — A description of the setting changes: (setting name, previous value, new value, reason for the change)


FROM system.settings_changes
WHERE version = '23.5'
FORMAT Vertical
Row 1:
version: 23.5
changes: [('input_format_parquet_preserve_order','1','0','Allow Parquet reader to reorder rows for better parallelism.'),('parallelize_output_from_storages','0','1','Allow parallelism when executing queries that read from file/url/s3/etc. This may reorder rows.'),('use_with_fill_by_sorting_prefix','0','1','Columns preceding WITH FILL columns in ORDER BY clause form sorting prefix. Rows with different values in sorting prefix are filled independently'),('output_format_parquet_compliant_nested_types','0','1','Change an internal field name in output Parquet file schema.')]

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