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Contains filters for one particular table, as well as a list of roles and/or users which should use this row policy.


  • name (String) — Name of a row policy.

  • short_name (String) — Short name of a row policy. Names of row policies are compound, for example: myfilter ON mydb.mytable. Here "myfilter ON mydb.mytable" is the name of the row policy, "myfilter" is it's short name.

  • database (String) — Database name.

  • table (String) — Table name. Empty if policy for database.

  • id (UUID) — Row policy ID.

  • storage (String) — Name of the directory where the row policy is stored.

  • select_filter (Nullable(String)) — Condition which is used to filter rows.

  • is_restrictive (UInt8) — Shows whether the row policy restricts access to rows, see CREATE ROW POLICY. Value:

  • 0 — The row policy is defined with AS PERMISSIVE clause.

  • 1 — The row policy is defined with AS RESTRICTIVE clause.

  • apply_to_all (UInt8) — Shows that the row policies set for all roles and/or users.

  • apply_to_list (Array(String)) — List of the roles and/or users to which the row policies is applied.

  • apply_to_except (Array(String)) — The row policies is applied to all roles and/or users excepting of the listed ones.

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