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Contains information about maximums for all intervals of all quotas. Any number of rows or zero can correspond to one quota.


  • quota_name (String) β€” Quota name.
  • duration (UInt32) β€” Length of the time interval for calculating resource consumption, in seconds.
  • is_randomized_interval (UInt8) β€” Logical value. It shows whether the interval is randomized. Interval always starts at the same time if it is not randomized. For example, an interval of 1 minute always starts at an integer number of minutes (i.e.Β it can start at 11:20:00, but it never starts at 11:20:01), an interval of one day always starts at midnight UTC. If interval is randomized, the very first interval starts at random time, and subsequent intervals starts one by one. Values:
  • 0 β€” Interval is not randomized.
  • 1 β€” Interval is randomized.
  • max_queries (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of queries.
  • max_query_selects (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of select queries.
  • max_query_inserts (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of insert queries.
  • max_errors (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of errors.
  • max_result_rows (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of result rows.
  • max_result_bytes (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of RAM volume in bytes used to store a queries result.
  • max_read_rows (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of rows read from all tables and table functions participated in queries.
  • max_read_bytes (Nullable(UInt64)) β€” Maximum number of bytes read from all tables and table functions participated in queries.
  • max_execution_time (Nullable(Float64)) β€” Maximum of the query execution time, in seconds.

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