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Privileges granted to ClickHouse user accounts.


  • user_name (Nullable(String)) — User name.

  • role_name (Nullable(String)) — Role assigned to user account.

  • access_type (Enum8) — Access parameters for ClickHouse user account.

  • database (Nullable(String)) — Name of a database.

  • table (Nullable(String)) — Name of a table.

  • column (Nullable(String)) — Name of a column to which access is granted.

  • is_partial_revoke (UInt8) — Logical value. It shows whether some privileges have been revoked. Possible values:

  • 0 — The row describes a partial revoke.

  • 1 — The row describes a grant.

  • grant_option (UInt8) — Permission is granted WITH GRANT OPTION, see GRANT.