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Contains information about tables that drop table has been executed but data cleanup has not been actually performed.


  • index (UInt32) — Index in marked_dropped_tables queue.
  • database (String) — Database.
  • table (String) — Table name.
  • uuid (UUID) — Table uuid.
  • engine (String) — Table engine name.
  • metadata_dropped_path (String) — Path of table's metadata file in metadata_dropped directory.
  • table_dropped_time (DateTime) — The time when the next attempt to remove table's data is scheduled on. Usually it's the table when the table was dropped plus database_atomic_delay_before_drop_table_sec


The following example shows how to get information about dropped_tables.

FROM system.dropped_tables\G
Row 1:
index: 0
database: default
table: test
uuid: 03141bb2-e97a-4d7c-a172-95cc066bb3bd
engine: MergeTree
metadata_dropped_path: /data/ClickHouse/build/programs/data/metadata_dropped/default.test.03141bb2-e97a-4d7c-a172-95cc066bb3bd.sql
table_dropped_time: 2023-03-16 23:43:31