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Contains information about disks defined in the server configuration.


  • name (String) — Name of a disk in the server configuration.
  • path (String) — Path to the mount point in the file system.
  • free_space (UInt64) — Free space on disk in bytes.
  • total_space (UInt64) — Disk volume in bytes.
  • unreserved_space (UInt64) — Free space which is not taken by reservations (free_space minus the size of reservations taken by merges, inserts, and other disk write operations currently running).
  • keep_free_space (UInt64) — Amount of disk space that should stay free on disk in bytes. Defined in the keep_free_space_bytes parameter of disk configuration.


SELECT * FROM system.disks;
│ default │ /var/lib/clickhouse/ │ 276392587264 │ 490652508160 │ 0 │

1 rows in set. Elapsed: 0.001 sec.