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Contains information about stack traces for fatal errors. The table does not exist in the database by default, it is created only when fatal errors occur.


  • hostname (LowCardinality(String)) — Hostname of the server executing the query.
  • event_date (DateTime) — Date of the event.
  • event_time (DateTime) — Time of the event.
  • timestamp_ns (UInt64) — Timestamp of the event with nanoseconds.
  • signal (Int32) — Signal number.
  • thread_id (UInt64) — Thread ID.
  • query_id (String) — Query ID.
  • trace (Array(UInt64)) — Stack trace at the moment of crash. Each element is a virtual memory address inside ClickHouse server process.
  • trace_full (Array(String)) — Stack trace at the moment of crash. Each element contains a called method inside ClickHouse server process.
  • version (String) — ClickHouse server version.
  • revision (UInt32) — ClickHouse server revision.
  • build_id (String) — BuildID that is generated by compiler.



SELECT * FROM system.crash_log ORDER BY event_time DESC LIMIT 1;

Result (not full):

Row 1:
event_date: 2020-10-14
event_time: 2020-10-14 15:47:40
timestamp_ns: 1602679660271312710
signal: 11
thread_id: 23624
query_id: 428aab7c-8f5c-44e9-9607-d16b44467e69
trace: [188531193,...]
trace_full: ['3. DB::(anonymous namespace)::FunctionFormatReadableTimeDelta::executeImpl(std::__1::vector<DB::ColumnWithTypeAndName, std::__1::allocator<DB::ColumnWithTypeAndName> >&, std::__1::vector<unsigned long, std::__1::allocator<unsigned long> > const&, unsigned long, unsigned long) const @ 0xb3cc1f9 in /home/username/work/ClickHouse/build/programs/clickhouse',...]
version: ClickHouse
revision: 54442

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