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Contains logging entries with information about various blob storage operations such as uploads and deletes.


  • hostname (LowCardinality(String)) — Hostname of the server executing the query.
  • event_date (Date) — Date of the event.
  • event_time (DateTime) — Time of the event.
  • event_time_microseconds (DateTime64) — Time of the event with microseconds precision.
  • event_type (Enum8) — Type of the event. Possible values:
    • 'Upload'
    • 'Delete'
    • 'MultiPartUploadCreate'
    • 'MultiPartUploadWrite'
    • 'MultiPartUploadComplete'
    • 'MultiPartUploadAbort'
  • query_id (String) — Identifier of the query associated with the event, if any.
  • thread_id (UInt64) — Identifier of the thread performing the operation.
  • thread_name (String) — Name of the thread performing the operation.
  • disk_name (LowCardinality(String)) — Name of the associated disk.
  • bucket (String) — Name of the bucket.
  • remote_path (String) — Path to the remote resource.
  • local_path (String) — Path to the metadata file on the local system, which references the remote resource.
  • data_size (UInt32) — Size of the data involved in the upload event.
  • error (String) — Error message associated with the event, if any.


Suppose a blob storage operation uploads a file, and an event is logged:

SELECT * FROM system.blob_storage_log WHERE query_id = '7afe0450-504d-4e4b-9a80-cd9826047972' ORDER BY event_date, event_time_microseconds \G
Row 1:
event_date: 2023-10-31
event_time: 2023-10-31 16:03:40
event_time_microseconds: 2023-10-31 16:03:40.481437
event_type: Upload
query_id: 7afe0450-504d-4e4b-9a80-cd9826047972
thread_id: 2381740
disk_name: disk_s3
bucket: bucket1
remote_path: rrr/kxo/tbnqtrghgtnxkzgtcrlutwuslgawe
local_path: store/654/6549e8b3-d753-4447-8047-d462df6e6dbe/tmp_insert_all_1_1_0/checksums.txt
data_size: 259

In this example, upload operation was associated with the INSERT query with ID 7afe0450-504d-4e4b-9a80-cd9826047972. The local metadata file store/654/6549e8b3-d753-4447-8047-d462df6e6dbe/tmp_insert_all_1_1_0/checksums.txt refers to remote path rrr/kxo/tbnqtrghgtnxkzgtcrlutwuslgawe in bucket bucket1 on disk disk_s3, with a size of 259 bytes.

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