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Contains information about pending asynchronous inserts in queue.


  • query (String) — Query string.
  • database (String) — The name of the database the table is in.
  • table (String) — Table name.
  • format (String) — Format name.
  • first_update (DateTime64) — First insert time with microseconds resolution.
  • total_bytes (UInt64) — Total number of bytes waiting in the queue.
  • entries.query_id (Array(String)) - Array of query ids of the inserts waiting in the queue.
  • entries.bytes (Array(UInt64)) - Array of bytes of each insert query waiting in the queue.



SELECT * FROM system.asynchronous_inserts LIMIT 1 \G;


Row 1:
query: INSERT INTO public.data_guess (user_id, datasource_id, timestamp, path, type, num, str) FORMAT CSV
database: public
table: data_guess
format: CSV
first_update: 2023-06-08 10:08:54.199606
total_bytes: 133223
entries.query_id: ['b46cd4c4-0269-4d0b-99f5-d27668c6102e']
entries.bytes: [133223]

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