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Contains information about async inserts. Each entry represents an insert query buffered into an async insert query.

To start logging configure parameters in the asynchronous_insert_log section.

The flushing period of data is set in flush_interval_milliseconds parameter of the asynchronous_insert_log server settings section. To force flushing, use the SYSTEM FLUSH LOGS query.

ClickHouse does not delete data from the table automatically. See Introduction for more details.


  • hostname (LowCardinality(String)) — Hostname of the server executing the query.
  • event_date (Date) — The date when the async insert happened.
  • event_time (DateTime) — The date and time when the async insert finished execution.
  • event_time_microseconds (DateTime64) — The date and time when the async insert finished execution with microseconds precision.
  • query (String) — Query string.
  • database (String) — The name of the database the table is in.
  • table (String) — Table name.
  • format (String) — Format name.
  • query_id (String) — ID of the initial query.
  • bytes (UInt64) — Number of inserted bytes.
  • exception (String) — Exception message.
  • status (Enum8) — Status of the view. Values:
    • 'Ok' = 1 — Successful insert.
    • 'ParsingError' = 2 — Exception when parsing the data.
    • 'FlushError' = 3 — Exception when flushing the data.
  • flush_time (DateTime) — The date and time when the flush happened.
  • flush_time_microseconds (DateTime64) — The date and time when the flush happened with microseconds precision.
  • flush_query_id (String) — ID of the flush query.



SELECT * FROM system.asynchronous_insert_log LIMIT 1 \G;


event_date: 2023-06-08
event_time: 2023-06-08 10:08:53
event_time_microseconds: 2023-06-08 10:08:53.199516
query: INSERT INTO public.data_guess (user_id, datasource_id, timestamp, path, type, num, str) FORMAT CSV
database: public
table: data_guess
format: CSV
query_id: b46cd4c4-0269-4d0b-99f5-d27668c6102e
bytes: 133223
status: Ok
flush_time: 2023-06-08 10:08:55
flush_time_microseconds: 2023-06-08 10:08:55.139676
flush_query_id: cd2c1e43-83f5-49dc-92e4-2fbc7f8d3716

See Also

  • system.query_log — Description of the query_log system table which contains common information about queries execution.
  • system.asynchronous_inserts — This table contains information about pending asynchronous inserts in queue.