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User Permissions

In ClickHouse Cloud, there are currently two account types: Admin and Developer. The below tables list the features accessible to each account type.

Managing Services

Create service
Delete service
Stop service
Restart service
Reset service password
View service metrics

SQL Console

Connect to SQL ConsoleConnect without password using identical permissions to the default userDatabase username and password required

Cloud API

Create API KeyRead-only API keys
Delete API Key

Managing Users


ClickHouse Cloud users, whether an Admin or a Developer user, are different from database users in the ClickHouse service.

When a new service is created, a default user is created. When connecting to the SQL Console, an Admin user inherits the default_role which has identical permissions to the default user.

To manage database users utilized by your applications, you can use the web-based SQL Console.

Invite users
Modify user permissions
Delete usersOwn account only

Billing, Organization, and Support

Manage billing
View organization activity
Submit support requests
View integrations