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Connecting TABLUM.IO to ClickHouse

Open the TABLUM.IO startup page

Cloud version of TABLUM.IO is available at


You can install a self-hosted version of TABLUM.IO on your Linux server in docker.

1. Sign up or sign in to the service

First, sign up to TABLUM.IO using your email or use a quick-login via accounts in Google or Facebook.

2. Add a ClickHouse connector

Gather your ClickHouse connection details, navigate to the Connector tab, and fill in the host URL, port, username, password, database name, and connector's name. After completing these fields, click on Test connection button to validate the details and then click on Save connector for me to make it persistent.


Make sure that you specify the correct HTTP port and toggle SSL mode according to your connection details.


Typically, the port is 8443 when using TLS or 8123 when not using TLS.

3. Select the connector

Navigate to the Dataset tab. Select recently created ClickHouse connector in the dropdown. In the right panel, you will see the list of available tables and schemas.

4. Input a SQL query and run it

Type a query in the SQL Console and press Run Query. The results will be displayed as a spreadsheet.


Right-click on the column name to open the dropdown menu with sort, filter and other actions.


With TABLUM.IO you can

  • create and utilise multiple ClickHouse connectors within your TABLUM.IO account,
  • run queries on any loaded data regardless of the data source,
  • share the results as a new ClickHouse database.

Learn more

Find more information about TABLUM.IO at