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Connect Arctype to ClickHouse

Arctype has built-in support for ClickHouse, and the configuration is very simple. If ClickHouse is not shown as one of the database types you will have to update Arctype.

1. Gather your ClickHouse details

To connect Arctype to ClickHouse; you will need this information about your ClickHouse deployment:

  • endpoint
  • port number
  • username
  • password

2. Download Arctype

Arctype is available at

3. Add a database

  • Start Arctype and click + Add Connection, and select ClickHouse:

    Add a new database
  • On the Credentials tab set the Host, Port, User, Password, and SSL Mode:

    Set endpoint, user, password, port

In this example the SSL Mode is set to verify-full. If you are not using SSL, or using a self-signed cert you may have to choose a different setting or upload your certificate(s).

  • Test the connection and click Save.

4. Query ClickHouse

  • You can select databases and then tables by clicking on the Tables icon in the left navigation, and then selecting the database and table. You will see a tabular view of the selected table:

    Select databases and tables
  • The next choice in the left navigation is Queries. After choosing Queries you can add a new query with the Add Query button, and then type your query in the query pane. As you type Arctype will provide you with table and column names:

    Query the ClickHouse database using Arctype type ahead log

Next Steps

See the Arctype documentation to learn about the capabilities of Arctype, and the ClickHouse documentation to learn about the capabilities of ClickHouse.