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Push Data from Redshift to ClickHouse

In the push scenario, the idea is to leverage a third-party tool or service (either custom code or an ETL/ELT) to send your data to your ClickHouse instance. For example, you can use a software like Airbyte to move data between your Redshift instance (as a source) and ClickHouse as a destination (see our integration guide for Airbyte)

PUSH Redshit to ClickHouse


  • It can leverage the existing catalog of connectors from the ETL/ELT software.
  • Built-in capabilities to keep data in sync (append/overwrite/increment logic).
  • Enable data transformation scenarios (for example, see our integration guide for dbt).


  • Users need to set up and maintain an ETL/ELT infrastructure.
  • Introduces a third-party element in the architecture which can turn into a potential scalability bottleneck.