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Migrating Data from Redshift to ClickHouse

Amazon Redshift is a popular cloud data warehousing solution that is part of the Amazon Web Services offerings. This guide presents different approaches to migrating data from a Redshift instance to ClickHouse. We will cover three options:

Redshit to ClickHouse Migration Options

From the ClickHouse instance standpoint, you can either:

  1. PUSH data to ClickHouse using a third party ETL/ELT tool or service

  2. PULL data from ClickHouse leveraging the ClickHouse JDBC Bridge

  3. PIVOT using S3 object storage using an “Unload then load” logic


We used Redshift as a data source in this tutorial. However, the migration approaches presented here are not exclusive to Redshift, and similar steps can be derived for any compatible data source.