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ClickHouse Go Client

ClickHouse supports two official Go clients. These clients are complementary and intentionally support different use cases.

  • clickhouse-go - High level language client which supports either the Go standard database/sql interface or the native interface.
  • ch-go - Low level client. Native interface only.

clickhouse-go provides a high-level interface, allowing users to query and insert data using row-orientated semantics and batching that are lenient with respect to data types - values will be converted provided no precision loss is potentially incurred. ch-go, meanwhile, provides an optimized column-orientated interface that provides fast data block streaming with low CPU and memory overhead at the expense of type strictness and more complex usage.

From version 2.3, Clickhouse-go utilizes ch-go for low-level functions such as encoding, decoding, and compression. Note that clickhouse-go also supports the Go database/sql interface standard. Both clients use the native format for their encoding to provide optimal performance and can communicate over the native ClickHouse protocol. clickhouse-go also supports HTTP as its transport mechanism for cases where users have a requirement to proxy or load balance traffic.

When choosing a client library, users should be aware of their respective pros and cons - see Choosing a Client Library.

Native formatNative protocolHTTP protocolRow Orientated APIColumn Orientated APIType flexibilityCompressionQuery Placeholders