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v1 of the driver is deprecated and will not reach feature updates or support for new ClickHouse types. Users should migrate to v2, which offers superior performance.

To install the 2.x version of the client, add the package to your go.mod file:

require main

Or, clone the repository:

git clone --branch v2 $GOPATH/src/github

To install another version, modify the path or the branch name accordingly.

mkdir my-clickhouse-app && cd my-clickhouse-app

cat > go.mod <<-END
module my-clickhouse-app

go 1.18

require main

cat > main.go <<-END
package main

import (

func main() {
conn, _ := clickhouse.Open(&clickhouse.Options{Addr: []string{""}})
v, _ := conn.ServerVersion()

go mod tidy
go run main.go

Versioning & compatibility

The client is released independently of ClickHouse. 2.x represents the current major under development. All versions of 2.x should be compatibile with each other.

ClickHouse compatibility

The client supports:

  • All currently supported versions of ClickHouse as recorded here. As ClickHouse versions are no longer supported they are also no longer actively tested against client releases.
  • All versions of ClickHouse 2 years from the release date of the client. Note only LTS versions are actively tested.

Golang compatibility

Client VersionGolang Versions
=> 2.0 <= 2.21.17, 1.18
>= 2.31.18