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Connecting Explo to ClickHouse

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In this guide you will connect your data from ClickHouse to Explo and visualize the results. The chart will look like this:

Explo Dashboard

Add some data

If you do not have a dataset to work with you can add one of the examples. This guide uses the UK Price Paid dataset, so you might choose that one. There are several others to look at in the same documentation category.

1. Gather your connection details

To connect to ClickHouse with HTTP(S) you need this information:

  • The HOST and PORT: typically, the port is 8443 when using TLS or 8123 when not using TLS.

  • The DATABASE NAME: out of the box, there is a database named default, use the name of the database that you want to connect to.

  • The USERNAME and PASSWORD: out of the box, the username is default. Use the username appropriate for your use case.

The details for your ClickHouse Cloud service are available in the ClickHouse Cloud console. Select the service that you will connect to and click Connect:

ClickHouse Cloud service connect button

Choose HTTPS, and the details are available in an example curl command.

ClickHouse Cloud HTTPS connection details

If you are using self-managed ClickHouse, the connection details are set by your ClickHouse administrator.

2. Connect Explo to ClickHouse

  1. Sign up for an Explo account.

  2. Click on the Explo data tab on the left hand sidebar.

Data Tab
  1. Click Connect Data Source in the upper right hand side.
Connect Data Source
  1. Fill out the information on the Getting Started page
Getting Started
  1. Select Clickhouse
  1. Enter your Clickhouse Credentials.
  1. Configure Security
  1. Within Clickhouse, Whitelist the Explo IPs.,,, and

3. Create a Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Dashboard tab on the left side nav bar.
  1. Click Create Dashboard in the upper right corner and name your dashboard. You've now created a dashboard!
Create Dashboard
  1. You should now see a screen that is similar to this:
Explo Dashboard

4. Run a SQL query

  1. Get your table name from the right hand sidebar under your schema title. You should then put the following command into your dataset editor: SELECT * FROM YOUR_TABLE_NAME LIMIT 100
Explo Dashboard
  1. Now click run and go to the preview tab to see your data.
Explo Dashboard

5. Build a Chart

  1. From the left hand side, drag the bar chart icon onto the screen.
Explo Dashboard
  1. Select the dataset. You should now see a screen like the following:
Explo Dashboard
  1. Fill out the county in the X Axis and Price in the Y Axis Section like so:
Explo Dashboard
  1. Now, change the aggregation to AVG.
Explo Dashboard
  1. We now have average price of homes broken down by price!
Explo Dashboard

Learn more

Find more information about Explo and how to build dashboards by visiting the Explo documentation.