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Using Seeds

dbt provides the ability to load data from CSV files. This capability is not suited to loading large exports of a database and is more designed for small files typically used for code tables and dictionaries, e.g. mapping country codes to country names. For a simple example, we generate and then upload a list of genre codes using the seed functionality.

  1. We generate a list of genre codes from our existing dataset. From the dbt directory, use the clickhouse-client to create a file seeds/genre_codes.csv:

    [email protected]:~/imdb$ clickhouse-client --password <password> --query
    "SELECT genre, ucase(substring(genre, 1, 3)) as code FROM imdb.genres GROUP BY genre
    LIMIT 100 FORMAT CSVWithNames" > seeds/genre_codes.csv
  2. Execute the dbt seed command. This will create a new table genre_codes in our database imdb_dbt (as defined by our schema configuration) with the rows from our csv file.

    [email protected]:~/imdb$ dbt seed
    17:03:23 Running with dbt=1.0.4
    17:03:23 Found 1 model, 0 tests, 1 snapshot, 0 analyses, 181 macros, 0 operations, 1 seed file, 6 sources, 0 exposures, 0 metrics
    17:03:24 Concurrency: 1 threads (target='dev')
    17:03:24 1 of 1 START seed file imdb_dbt.genre_codes..................................... [RUN]
    17:03:24 1 of 1 OK loaded seed file imdb_dbt.genre_codes................................. [INSERT 21 in 0.65s]
    17:03:24 Finished running 1 seed in 1.62s.
    17:03:24 Completed successfully
    17:03:24 Done. PASS=1 WARN=0 ERROR=0 SKIP=0 TOTAL=1
  3. Confirm these have been loaded:

    SELECT * FROM imdb_dbt.genre_codes LIMIT 10;
    |genre |code|
    |Drama |DRA |
    |Romance|ROM |
    |Short |SHO |
    |Mystery|MYS |
    |Adult |ADU |
    |Family |FAM |

    |Action |ACT |
    |Sci-Fi |SCI |
    |Horror |HOR |
    |War |WAR |