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Integrating Apache Beam and ClickHouse

Apache Beam is an open-source, unified programming model that enables developers to define and execute both batch and stream (continuous) data processing pipelines. The flexibility of Apache Beam lies in its ability to support a wide range of data processing scenarios, from ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations to complex event processing and real-time analytics. This integration leverage ClickHouse's official JDBC connector for the underlying insertion layer.

Integration Package

The integration package required to integrate Apache Beam and ClickHouse is maintained and developed under Apache Beam I/O Connectors - an integrations bundle of many popular data storage systems and databases. implementation located within the Apache Beam repo.

Setup of the Apache Beam ClickHouse package

Package installation

Add the following dependency to your package management framework:


The artifacts could be found in the official maven repository.

Code Example

The following example reads a CSV file named input.csv as a PCollection, converts it to a Row object (using the defined schema) and inserts it into a local ClickHouse instance using ClickHouseIO:

package org.example;

import org.apache.beam.sdk.Pipeline;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.schemas.Schema;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.transforms.DoFn;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.transforms.ParDo;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.values.PCollection;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.values.Row;
import org.joda.time.DateTime;

public class Main {

public static void main(String[] args) {
// Create a Pipeline object.
Pipeline p = Pipeline.create();

Schema SCHEMA =
.addField(Schema.Field.of("name", Schema.FieldType.STRING).withNullable(true))
.addField(Schema.Field.of("age", Schema.FieldType.INT16).withNullable(true))
.addField(Schema.Field.of("insertion_time", Schema.FieldType.DATETIME).withNullable(false))

// Apply transforms to the pipeline.
PCollection<String> lines = p.apply("ReadLines","src/main/resources/input.csv"));

PCollection<Row> rows = lines.apply("ConvertToRow", ParDo.of(new DoFn<String, Row>() {
public void processElement(@Element String line, OutputReceiver<Row> out) {

String[] values = line.split(",");
Row row = Row.withSchema(SCHEMA)
.addValues(values[0], Short.parseShort(values[1]),

rows.apply("Write to ClickHouse",
ClickHouseIO.write("jdbc:clickhouse://localhost:8123/default?user=default&password=******", "test_table"));

// Run the pipeline.;

Supported Data Types

ClickHouseApache BeamIs SupportedNotes
TableSchema.TypeName.INT8 Schema.TypeName#BYTE
TableSchema.TypeName.INT16 Schema.TypeName#INT16
TableSchema.TypeName.INT32 Schema.TypeName#INT32
TableSchema.TypeName.INT64 Schema.TypeName#INT64
TableSchema.TypeName.STRING Schema.TypeName#STRING
TableSchema.TypeName.UINT8 Schema.TypeName#INT16
TableSchema.TypeName.UINT16 Schema.TypeName#INT32
TableSchema.TypeName.UINT32 Schema.TypeName#INT64
TableSchema.TypeName.UINT64 Schema.TypeName#INT64
TableSchema.TypeName.DATE Schema.TypeName#DATETIME
TableSchema.TypeName.ARRAY Schema.TypeName#ARRAY
TableSchema.TypeName.ENUM8 Schema.TypeName#STRING
TableSchema.TypeName.ENUM16 Schema.TypeName#STRING
TableSchema.TypeName.BOOL Schema.TypeName#BOOLEAN
TableSchema.TypeName.TUPLE Schema.TypeName#ROW
TableSchema.TypeName.FIXEDSTRING FixedBytesFixedBytes is a LogicalType representing a fixed-length
byte array located at



Please consider the following limitations when using the connector:

  • The current supported ClickHouse JDBC version is 0.3.2-patch10
  • As of today, only Sink operation is supported (the connector doesn't support Source operation)
  • ClickHouse performs deduplication when inserting into a ReplicatedMergeTree or a Distributed table built on top of a ReplicatedMergeTree. Without replication, inserting into a regular MergeTree can result in duplicates if an insert fails and then successfully retries. However, each block is inserted atomically, and the block size can be configured using ClickHouseIO.Write.withMaxInsertBlockSize(long). Deduplication is achieved by using checksums of the inserted blocks. For more information about deduplication, please visit Deduplication and Deduplicate insertion config.
  • The connector doesn't perform any DDL statements; therefore, the target table must exist prior insertion.