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ClickHouse integrations are organized by their support level:

  • Core integrations: built or maintained by ClickHouse, they are supported by ClickHouse and live in the ClickHouse GitHub organization
  • Partner integrations: built or maintained, and supported by, third-party software vendors
  • Community integrations: built or maintained and supported by community members. No direct support is available besides the public GitHub repositories and community Slack channels

Each integration is further categorized into Language client, Data ingestion, Data visualization and SQL client categories.


We are actively compiling this list of ClickHouse integrations below, so it's not exhaustive. Feel free to contribute any relevant ClickHouse integration to the list.

Core integrations
Amazon S3Data ingestionImport from, export to, and transform S3 data in flight with ClickHouse built-in S3 functions.Documentation
ClickHouse ClientSQL clientClickHouse Client is the native command-line client for ClickHouse.Documentation
dbtdbtData ingestionUse dbt (data build tool) to transform data in ClickHouse by simply writing select statements. dbt puts the T in ELT.Documentation
GoLanguage clientThe Go client uses the native interface for a performant, low-overhead means of connecting to ClickHouse.Documentation
JavaLanguage clientThe Java client is an async, lightweight, and low-overhead library for ClickHouse.Documentation
Node.JSLanguage clientThe official Node.js client for connecting to ClickHouse.Documentation
PythonLanguage clientA suite of Python packages for connecting Python to ClickHouse.Documentation
SupersetData visualizationExplore and visualize your ClickHouse data with Apache Superset.Documentation
MetabaseMetabase logoData visualizationMetabase is an easy-to-use, open source UI tool for asking questions about your data.Documentation

Partner integrations
DataGripSQL clientDataGrip is a powerful database IDE with dedicated support for ClickHouse.Documentation
DBeaverSQL clientFree multi-platform database administration tool. Connects to Clickhouse through JDBC driver.Documentation
Deepnote              Data visualizationDeepnote is a collaborative Jupyter-compatible data notebook built for teams to discover and share insights.Documentation
GrafanaData visualizationWith Grafana you can create, explore and share all of your data through dashboards.Documentation
HEXHEX logoData visualizationHex is a modern, collaborative platform with notebooks, data apps, SQL, Python, no-code, R, and so much more.Documentation
VectorVector logoData ingestionA lightweight, ultra-fast tool for building observability pipelines with built-in compatibility with ClickHouse.Documentation
EMQX320备份Data ingestionEMQX is an open source MQTT broker with a high-performance real-time message processing engine, powering event streaming for IoT devices at massive scale.Documentation
TABLUM.IOSQL clientTABLUM.IO ingests data from a variety of sources, normalizes and cleans inconsistencies, and gives you access to it via SQL.Documentation

Community integrations
Airbyte                      Airbyte logoData ingestion        Use Airbyte, to create ELT data pipelines with more than 140 connectors to load and sync your data into ClickHouse.Documentation
Apache SparkApache Spark logoData ingestionSpark ClickHouse Connector is a high performance connector built on top of Spark DataSource V2.GitHub repo,
C#Language clientClickHouse.Client is a feature-rich ADO.NET client implementation for ClickHouseDocumentation
KafkaData ingestionIntegration with Apache Kafka, the open-source distributed event streaming platform.Documentation
Rocket.BIData visualizationRocketBI is a self-service business intelligence platform that helps you quickly analyze data, build drag-n-drop visualizations and collaborate with colleagues right on your web browser.GitHub repo