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Network ports


Ports described as default mean that the port number is configured in /etc/clickhouse-server/config.xml. To customize your settings add a file to /etc/clickhouse-server/config.d/. See the configuration file documentation.

2181Zookeeper default service port. Note: see 9181 for ClickHouse Keeper
8123HTTP API Port for http requests. used by JDBC, ODBC and web interfaces.
8443HTTP SSL/TLS port default port
9000Native Protocol port (also referred to as ClickHouse TCP protocol). Used by ClickHouse apps and processes like clickhouse-server, clickhouse-client, and native ClickHouse tools. used for inter-server communication for distributed queries.
9004MySQL emulation port
9005PostgreSQL emulation port (also used for secure comms if SSL is enabled for ClickHouse)
9009Inter-server communication port for low-level data access. used for data exchange, replication, inter-server communication
9010SSL/TLS for inter-server communications
9011Native protocol PROXYv1 protocol port
9019JDBC Bridge
9100gRPC port
9181Recommended ClickHouse Keeper port
9234Recommended ClickHouse Keeper Raft port (also used for secure comms if <secure>1</secure> enabled)
9363Prometheus default metrics port
9281Recommended Secure SSL ClickHouse Keeper port
9440Native protocol SSL/TLS port
42000Graphite default port