ClickHouse Playground 

ClickHouse Playground allows people to experiment with ClickHouse by running queries instantly, without setting up their server or cluster.
Several example datasets are available in Playground as well as sample queries that show ClickHouse features. There’s also a selection of ClickHouse LTS releases to experiment with.

ClickHouse Playground gives the experience of m2.small Managed Service for ClickHouse instance (4 vCPU, 32 GB RAM) hosted in Yandex.Cloud. More information about cloud providers.

You can make queries to Playground using any HTTP client, for example curl or wget, or set up a connection using JDBC or ODBC drivers. More information about software products that support ClickHouse is available here.


Parameter Value
HTTPS endpoint
Native TCP endpoint
User playground
Password clickhouse

There are additional endpoints with specific ClickHouse releases to experiment with their differences (ports and user/password are the same as above):

  • 20.3 LTS:
  • 19.14 LTS:


The queries are executed as a read-only user. It implies some limitations:

  • DDL queries are not allowed
  • INSERT queries are not allowed

The following settings are also enforced:


HTTPS endpoint example with curl:

curl "'Play+ClickHouse\!';&user=playground&password=clickhouse&database=datasets"

TCP endpoint example with CLI:

clickhouse client --secure -h --port 9440 -u playground --password clickhouse -q "SELECT 'Play ClickHouse\!'"

Implementation Details 

ClickHouse Playground web interface makes requests via ClickHouse HTTP API.
The Playground backend is just a ClickHouse cluster without any additional server-side application. As mentioned above, ClickHouse HTTPS and TCP/TLS endpoints are also publicly available as a part of the Playground, both are proxied through Cloudflare Spectrum to add an extra layer of protection and improved global connectivity.

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