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ClickHouse Adopters


The following list of companies using ClickHouse and their success stories is assembled from public sources, thus might differ from current reality. Weโ€™d appreciate it if you share the story of adopting ClickHouse in your company and add it to the list, but please make sure you wonโ€™t have any NDA issues by doing so. Providing updates with publications from other companies is also useful.

CompanyIndustryUsecaseCluster Size(Un)Compressed Data Size*Reference
2gisMapsMonitoringโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, July 2019
AdaptySubscription AnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Tweet, November 2021
AdmiralMartechEngagement Managementโ€”โ€”Webinar Slides, June 2020
AdScribeAdsTV Analyticsโ€”โ€”A quote from CTO
AhrefsSEOAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Job listing
Alibaba CloudCloudManaged Serviceโ€”โ€”Official Website
Alibaba CloudCloudE-MapReduceโ€”โ€”Official Website
Aloha BrowserMobile AppBrowser backendโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, May 2019
AltinityCloud, SaaSMain productโ€”โ€”Official Website
AmadeusTravelAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Press Release, April 2018
ApiRoadAPI marketplaceAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Blog post, November 2018, March 2020
AppsflyerMobile analyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, July 2019
ArenaDataData PlatformMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, December 2019
ArgedorClickHouse supportโ€”โ€”โ€”Official website
AvitoClassifiedsMonitoringโ€”โ€”Meetup, April 2020
BadooDatingTimeseriesโ€”1.6 mln events/sec (2018)Slides in Russian, December 2019
BeelineTelecomData Platformโ€”โ€”Blog post, July 2021
BenocsNetwork Telemetry and AnalyticsMain Productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, October 2017
Better StackCloud, SaaSLog Management--Official Website
BIGOVideoComputing Platformโ€”โ€”Blog Article, August 2020
BiliBiliVideo sharingโ€”โ€”โ€”Blog post, June 2021
BloombergFinance, MediaMonitoringโ€”โ€”Job opening, September 2021, slides, May 2018
BloxyBlockchainAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, August 2018
BytedanceSocial platformsโ€”โ€”โ€”The ClickHouse Meetup East, October 2020
CARTOBusiness IntelligenceGeo analyticsโ€”โ€”Geospatial processing with ClickHouse
CERNResearchExperimentโ€”โ€”Press release, April 2012
ChecklySoftware DevelopmentAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Tweet, October 2021
ChelPipe GroupAnalyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Blog post, June 2021
CiscoNetworkingTraffic analysisโ€”โ€”Lightning talk, October 2019
Citadel SecuritiesFinanceโ€”โ€”โ€”Contribution, March 2019
CitymobilTaxiAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Blog Post in Russian, March 2020
ClickVisualSoftwareLogging Platformโ€”โ€”Blog Post, May 2022
CloudflareCDNTraffic analysis36 serversโ€”Blog post, May 2017, Blog post, March 2018
ComcastMediaCDN Traffic Analysisโ€”โ€”ApacheCon 2019 Talk
ContentsquareWeb analyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Blog post in French, November 2018
CorunetAnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, April 2019
CraiditX ๆฐชไฟกFinance AIAnalysisโ€”โ€”Slides in English, November 2019
CrazypandaGamesโ€”โ€”Live session on ClickHouse meetup
CriteoRetailMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, October 2018
CryptologyDigital Assets Trading Platformโ€”โ€”โ€”Job advertisement, March 2021
DatafoldData Reliability Platformโ€”โ€”โ€”Job advertisement, April 2022
Dataliance for China TelecomTelecomAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, January 2018
Deutsche BankFinanceBI Analyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in English, October 2019
DeeplMachine Learningโ€”โ€”โ€”Video, October 2021
DeeplayGaming Analyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Job advertisement, 2020
Diva-eDigital consultingMain Productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, September 2019
EcommpayPayment ProcessingLogsโ€”โ€”Video, Nov 2019
EcwidE-commerce SaaSMetrics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, April 2019
eBayE-commerceLogs, Metrics and Eventsโ€”โ€”Official website, Sep 2020
ExnessTradingMetrics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, May 2019
EventBunker.ioServerless Data Processingโ€”โ€”โ€”Tweet, April 2021
FastNetMonDDoS ProtectionMain Productโ€”Official website
FireboltAnalyticsMain product--YouTube Tech Talk
Flipkarte-Commerceโ€”โ€”โ€”Talk in English, July 2020
FunCorpGamesโ€”14 bn records/day as of Jan 2021Article
Futurra GroupAnalyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Article in Russian, December 2021
G-Core LabsSecurityMain productโ€”โ€”Job posting, May 2022
GenieeAd networkMain productโ€”โ€”Blog post in Japanese, July 2017
GenotekBioinformaticsMain productโ€”โ€”Video, August 2020
GigapipeManaged ClickHouseMain productโ€”โ€”Official website
GigasheetAnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Direct Reference, February 2022
GlaberMonitoringMain productโ€”โ€”Website
GraphCDNCDNTraffic Analyticsโ€”โ€”Blog Post in English, August 2021
GrouparooData Warehouse IntegrationsMain productโ€”โ€”Official Website, November 2021
HUYAVideo StreamingAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, October 2018
HydrolixCloud data platformMain productโ€”โ€”Documentation
HystaxCloud OperationsObservability Analytics--Blog
ICAFinTechRisk Managementโ€”โ€”Blog Post in English, Sep 2020
IdealistaReal EstateAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Blog Post in English, April 2019
ImprovadoRevenue OperationsData Stackโ€”โ€”Blog Post, December 2021
InfobaleenAI markting toolAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Official site
InfovistaNetworksAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in English, October 2019
InnoGamesGamesMetrics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, September 2019
InstabugAPM PlatformMain productโ€”โ€”A quote from Co-Founder
InstanaAPM PlatformMain productโ€”โ€”Twitter post
IntegrosPlatform for video servicesAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, May 2019
Ippon TechnologiesTechnology Consultingโ€”โ€”โ€”Talk in English, July 2020
IviOnline CinemaAnalytics, Monitoringโ€”โ€”Article in Russian, Jan 2018
Jinshuju ้‡‘ๆ•ฐๆฎBI AnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, October 2019
JitsuCloud SoftwareData Pipelineโ€”โ€”Documentation, Hacker News post
JuiceFSStorageShopping Cart--Blog
JuneProduct analyticsMain product--Job post
kakaocorpInternet companyโ€”โ€”โ€”if(kakao)2020, if(kakao)2021
KaikoDigital Assets Data Providerโ€”โ€”โ€”Job advertisement, April 2022
Kodiak DataCloudsMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Engish, April 2018
KonturSoftware DevelopmentMetricsโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, November 2018
KuaishouVideoโ€”โ€”โ€”ClickHouse Meetup, October 2018
KGK GlobalVehicle monitoringโ€”โ€”โ€”Press release, June 2021
LANCOM SystemsNetwork SolutionsTraffic analysis--ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes, [Hacker News post] (
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryResearchTraffic analysis5 servers55 TiBSlides in English, April 2019
LeverTalent ManagementRecruiting--Hacker News post
LifeStreetAd networkMain product75 servers (3 replicas)5.27 PiBBlog post in Russian, February 2017
LookforsaleE-Commerceโ€”โ€”โ€”Job Posting, December 2021
LuabaseSoftwareAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Hacker News, April 2022 Cloud SolutionsCloud servicesMain productโ€”โ€”Article in Russian
MarfeelMobile SaaSโ€”โ€”โ€”[Job offer, Apr 2022]
MAXILECTAd Tech, Blockchain, ML, AIโ€”โ€”โ€”Job advertisement, 2021
MarilynAdvertisingStatisticsโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, June 2017
MelloMarketingAnalytics1 serverโ€”Article, October 2020
MessageBirdTelecommunicationsStatisticsโ€”โ€”Slides in English, November 2018
MicrosoftWeb AnalyticsClarity (Main Product)โ€”โ€”A question on GitHub
MindsDBMachine LearningMain Productโ€”โ€”Official Website
MUXOnline VideoVideo Analyticsโ€”โ€”Talk in English, August 2019
MGIDAd networkWeb-analyticsโ€”โ€”Blog post in Russian, April 2020
Muse GroupMusic SoftwarePerformance Monitoringโ€”โ€”Blog post in Russian, January 2021
NetskopeNetwork Securityโ€”โ€”โ€”Job advertisement, March 2021
NIC LabsNetwork MonitoringRaTA-DNSโ€”โ€”Blog post, March 2021
NLMKSteelMonitoringโ€”โ€”Article in Russian, Jan 2022
NOC ProjectNetwork MonitoringAnalyticsMain Productโ€”Official Website
NoctionNetwork TechnologyMain Productโ€”โ€”Official Website
ntopNetwork MonitoningMonitoringโ€”โ€”Official website, January 2022
Nuna Inc.Health Data Analyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Talk in English, July 2020
Ok.ruSocial Networkโ€”72 servers810 TB compressed, 50bn rows/day, 1.5 TB/daySmartData conference, October 2021
OmnicommTransportation Monitoringโ€”โ€”โ€”Facebook post, October 2021
OneAPMMonitoring and Data AnalysisMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, October 2018
OpenseeFinancial AnalyticsMain product--Blog
Open TargetsGenome ResearchGenome Searchโ€”โ€”Tweet, October 2021, Blog
OZONE-commerceโ€”โ€”โ€”Official website
PanelbearAnalyticsMonitoring and Analyticsโ€”โ€”Tech Stack, November 2020
Percent ็™พๅˆ†็‚นAnalyticsMain Productโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, June 2019
PerconaPerformance analysisPercona Monitoring and Managementโ€”โ€”Official website, Mar 2020
PingCAPAnalyticsReal-Time Transactional and Analytical Processing--GitHub, TiFlash/TiDB
Piwik PROWeb Analyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Official website, Dec 2018
PlausibleAnalyticsMain Productโ€”โ€”Blog post, June 2020
PostHogProduct AnalyticsMain Productโ€”โ€”Release Notes, October 2020, Blog, November 2021
PostmatesDeliveryโ€”โ€”โ€”Talk in English, July 2020
Pragma InnovationTelemetry and Big Data AnalysisMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, October 2018
PRANAIndustrial predictive analyticsMain productโ€”โ€”News (russian), Feb 2021
QINGCLOUDCloud servicesMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, October 2018
QratorDDoS protectionMain productโ€”โ€”Blog Post, March 2019
R-VisionInformation Securityโ€”โ€”โ€”Article in Russian, December 2021
RaiffeisenbankBankingAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Lecture in Russian, December 2020
RamblerInternet servicesAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, April 2018
ReplicaUrban PlanningAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Job advertisement
RetellSpeech synthesisAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Blog Article, August 2020
RollbarSoftware DevelopmentMain Productโ€”โ€”Official Website
RspamdAntispamAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Official Website
RuSIEMSIEMMain Productโ€”โ€”Official Website
S7 AirlinesAirlinesMetrics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, March 2019
SberBanking, Fintech, Retail, Cloud, Mediaโ€”128 servers>1 PBJob advertisement, March 2021
scireum GmbHe-CommerceMain productโ€”โ€”Talk in German, February 2020
SegmentData processingMain product9 * i3en.3xlarge nodes 7.5TB NVME SSDs, 96GB Memory, 12 vCPUsโ€”Slides, 2019
sembot.ioShopping Adsโ€”โ€”โ€”A comment on LinkedIn, 2020
SEMrushMarketingMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, August 2018
SentrySoftware DevelopmentMain productโ€”โ€”Blog Post in English, May 2019
seo.doAnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, November 2019
SGKGovernment Social SecurityAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in English, November 2019
SigNozObservability PlatformMain Productโ€”โ€”Source code
SinaNewsโ€”โ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, October 2018
SipfrontSoftware DevelopmentAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Tweet, October 2021
SMI2NewsAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Blog Post in Russian, November 2017
Spark New ZealandTelecommunicationsSecurity Operationsโ€”โ€”Blog Post, Feb 2020
SplitbeeAnalyticsMain Productโ€”โ€”Blog Post, Mai 2021
SplunkBusiness AnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in English, January 2018
SpotifyMusicExperimentationโ€”โ€”Slides, July 2018
StaffcopInformation SecurityMain Productโ€”โ€”Official website, Documentation
SuningE-CommerceUser behaviour analyticsโ€”โ€”Blog article
SuperwallMonetization ToolingMain productโ€”โ€”Word of mouth, Jan 2022
SwetrixAnalyticsMain Productโ€”โ€”Source code
SynpseApplication ManagementMain Product--Tweet, January 2022
TeralyticsMobilityAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Tech blog
TencentBig DataData processingโ€”โ€”Slides in Chinese, October 2018
TencentMessagingLoggingโ€”โ€”Talk in Chinese, November 2019
Tencent Music Entertainment (TME)BigDataData processingโ€”โ€”Blog in Chinese, June 2020
TeslaElectric vehicle and clean energy companyโ€”โ€”โ€”Vacancy description, March 2021
TinybirdReal-time Data ProductsData processingโ€”โ€”Official website
Traffic StarsAD networkโ€”300 servers in Europe/US1.8 PiB, 700 000 insert rps (as of 2021)Slides in Russian, May 2018
UberTaxiLoggingโ€”โ€”Slides, February 2020
UptraceSoftwareTracing Solutionโ€”โ€”Official website, March 2021
UseTechSoftware Developmentโ€”โ€”โ€”Job Posting, December 2021
UTMSTATAnalyticsMain productโ€”โ€”Blog post, June 2020
VercelTraffic and Performance Analyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Direct reference, October 2021
VKontakteSocial NetworkStatistics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, August 2018
VKontechDistributed SystemsMigrating from MongoDB--Blog, January 2022
VMwareCloudVeloCloud, SDNโ€”โ€”Product documentation
Walmart LabsInternet, Retailโ€”โ€”โ€”Talk in English, July 2020
WildberriesE-commerceโ€”โ€”Official website
WisebitsIT SolutionsAnalyticsโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, May 2019
WorkatoAutomation Softwareโ€”โ€”โ€”Talk in English, July 2020
XenossMarketing, Advertisingโ€”โ€”โ€”Instagram, March 2021
Xiaoxin TechEducationCommon purposeโ€”โ€”Slides in English, November 2019
XimalayaAudio sharingOLAPโ€”โ€”Slides in English, November 2019
Yandex CloudPublic CloudMain productโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, December 2019
Yandex DataLensBusiness IntelligenceMain productโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, December 2019
Yandex Markete-CommerceMetrics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Talk in Russian, January 2019
Yandex MetricaWeb analyticsMain product630 servers in one cluster, 360 servers in another cluster, 1862 servers in one department133 PiB / 8.31 PiB / 120 trillion recordsSlides, February 2020
YellowfinAnalyticsMain product--Integration
YotascaleCloudData pipelineโ€”2 bn records/dayLinkedIn (Accomplishments)
Your AnalyticsProduct AnalyticsMain Productโ€”-Tweet, November 2021
Zagrava Tradingโ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”Job offer, May 2021
ะฆะ’ะขSoftware DevelopmentMetrics, Loggingโ€”โ€”Blog Post, March 2019, in Russian
ะœะšะ‘BankWeb-system monitoringโ€”โ€”Slides in Russian, September 2019
ะฆะคะขBanking, Financial products, Paymentsโ€”โ€”โ€”Meetup in Russian, April 2020
ะฆะธั„ั€ะพะฒะพะน ะ ะฐะฑะพั‡ะธะนIndustrial IoT, Analyticsโ€”โ€”โ€”Blog post in Russian, March 2021
ะžะžะž ยซะœะŸะ— ะ‘ะพะณะพั€ะพะดัะบะธะนยปAgricultureโ€”โ€”โ€”Article in Russian, November 2020
ะ”ะพะผะšะปะธะบReal Estateโ€”โ€”โ€”Article in Russian, October 2021
ะะก "ะกั‚ั€ะตะปะฐ"Transportationโ€”โ€”โ€”Job posting, Jan 2022
Deepglint ๆ ผ็ตๆทฑ็žณAI, Computer VisionOLAPโ€”โ€”Official Website