How to Enable Predictive Capabilities in ClickHouse Databases



ClickHouse is a fast, open-source, column-oriented SQL database that is very useful for data analysis and real-time analytics and with MindsDB can be turned into a powerful machine learning platform for business forecasting.

In this article, we will
– Guide you through the machine learning workflow and how to use ClickHouse’s powerful tools, like materialized views, to better and more effectively handle data cleaning and preparation – especially for the large datasets with billions of rows of data,
– Explore the concept of AI Tables from MindsDB and how they can be used within ClickHouse to automatically build predictive models and make forecasts using simple SQL statements, and
– Share how MindsDB automates really complex machine learning tasks, like multivariate time-series analysis with high cardinality, show how to detect anomalies, and visualize these predictions.

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