ClickHouse at Percona Live Europe 2018

ClickHouse at Percona Live Europe 2018

Open-source database management systems conference Percona Live this time took place on November 5-7 in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Over last couple years ClickHouse became a solid member of this community as demand in analytics with subsecond latencies appeared to be pretty high.

There were three talks about ClickHouse in agenda, while only one of them was from Yandex. Also we had a lot of interesting conversations with conference attendees at ClickHouse booth sponsored by Altinity.

Alexander Zaitsev, CTO and co-founder of Altinity, gives an overview of ClickHouse and then demonstrates case studies and best practices (slides):

Fast! Flexible! Free! Fun!
Fast! Flexible! Free! Fun!

Aleksey Milovidov, lead ClickHouse developer from Yandex, talks about unusual and unique ClickHouse features (slides):
Aleksey Milovidov

Aleksandar Aleksandrov and Felix Mattrat, data engineers from MessageBird, show how they use ClickHouse to analyze process of delivery of SMS and other kinds of messages (slides):
Aleksandar Aleksandrov and Felix Mattrat

Live demo at ClickHouse booth by Alexey Milovidov:
Demo at ClickHouse booth by Alexey Milovidov

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